Privacy Policy

CAMPTON Inc. (hereinafter expressed as “CAMPTON”) has established Privacy Policy as follows and constructed a mechanism to protect personal information, and strives to continuously promotes protection of the personal information by ensuring that all officers and employees recognize the importance of the protection of the personal information and comply with the Privacy Policy.

    1.Management of personal information

  1. In order to maintain the accuracy and up-to-date of personal information of customers and to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information or leakage, loss, falsification, or damage of the personal information, CAMPTON places strict controls on the personal information by taking necessary measures and implementing safety measures such as maintaining security systems, establishing management frameworks, and carrying out thorough employee education.

2.Intended use of personal information

  1. Personal information that CAMPTON has kept from customers is used for as follows: sending e-mails, bills,questionnaires, useful information for customers or documents and the like from CAMPTON to the customers as information or answers to questions. For accommodation, house keeping, reservation of restaurant or reservation of accommodation (including the internet) if necessary. ③ For the guest’s security, development of new product, the service and goods that associated sections handle, various events and campaign or correspondence to an inquiry, a request.

3.Prohibition of disclosure and provision to third parties

  1. CAMPTON appropriately handles the personal information that Isis has kept from a customer and does not disclose or provide it to a third party except in the following cases: When a customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure or provision When CAMPTON consigns a task to the third party to achieve the services that a customer requests When complying with laws and regulations

4.Supervision and management of contractors that CAMPTON cooperate

  1. CAMPTON may entrust Third Parties with all or part of business for use of 2. In that case, CAMPTON makes a contract about the handling of the personal information for supervision of trustees

5.Safety measures of the personal information

  1. CAMPTON has taken all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

6.Inquiry from a customer himself [herself]

  1. When a customer requests to disclose/revise/delete his [her] personal information, CAMPTON responds for a reasonable period and on reasonable terms to it after an identity verification of the customersuch as the original of the driver’s license which can confirm that it is the person or the passport directly to CAMPTON.

7.Compliance with laws and regulations and reviewing the privacy policy

  1. CAMPTON strictly observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, relevant laws, guidelines established by the Japanese government and other regulations, and also appropriately reviews the privacy policy to strive to improve the policy.

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  1. Inquiries concerning CAMPTON’s handling of personal information should be directed to the followings CAMPTON Inc. 185 Arima-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8472

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