Campton Higashiyama Roku

We, Campton, renovated Kyoto historical single house with extra care as accommodation.
Higashiyama Roku is located at one of the historical area in Kyoto, called Rokuhara, and exists near by Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Yasaka-Shine and Rokuharamitsuji Temple. This historical house constructed in 1914 was carefully restored by skilled craftsmen to retain its original appearance as much as they can. This house holds traditional fittings and transoms carefully passed down by successive owners for over 100 years. We restored the house so that it retains a comfortable atmosphere where guests can perceive the time and scene when the houses were built.


About the House

Rooms of Campton Higashiyama Roku incorporate “illuminating walls” and lighting made of washi (traditional Japanese paper), which are created and supervised by Eriko Horiki, who is a one of the famous washi designer. The “washi walls” and lighting create a relaxing contrast of light and shadow, and guests’ can feel the ambience and Ancient life in Kyoto.


Special Features

Campton Higashiyama Roku has many special features, such as lightings supervised by Eriko Horiki, a washi designer, a round-shaped ceramic bathtub made in Shigaraki, and a Noren (traditional Japanese curtain, Goodwil) with calligraphy by Hina Aoyagi, president of the Hokuriku Calligraphy Institute.


ampton東山ろく 取次の間


Below are photos of Campton Higashiyama Roku


campton東山ろく 和紙とお部屋入り口


285-4 Yamashirocho, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto
5-minute walk from Kiyomizu Gojo Station on the Keihan line
12-minute ride from Kyoto Station



Tourism Guide

10-minute ride to Kiyomizu Temple
10-minute walk to Yasaka Shrine
10-minute ride to Higashi Honganji Temple