Frequently asked questions

How does the Campton system work?
You can stay at either our exclusive townhouse, renovated to provide a pleasant stay and available to be booked by single group, or our newly constructed hybrid accommodation, a fusion between a hotel and a townhouse. Come spend some time with that special someone in your own private space.
How can I complete check-in?
Check-in procedures are as follows:
  • 1. Check-in must be done in the vacation house you stay.
  • 2. Please notify our staffs of your estimated arrival time 1 hour before your arrival time.
    If you forget to inform it to us in advance, you may need to wait for our staffs for your check-in transaction. In order to avoid it, please make sure to contact us in advance, at least 1 hour before your arrival time.
    by at least one hour prior to arrival. Our staff will be on hand for your arrival and make their way to the location based on the time you give us. Please contact us to ensure that our staff can reach you in a timely fashion.

    Contact address(CAMPTON Head Office): Telephone: 075-533-7211/E-mail:

  • 3. After you complete your check-in, you will receive your room key. We register your credit card information on the purpose of deposit when you check-in our vacation house. Thank you for your understanding.

* If you are traveling by car, please park your car in the coin-operated parking nearby our vacation house.
*During the busy season, the traffic may be very congested. Please note it when you travel by cars or taxi.

What times are check-in and check-out?
Check-in time is from 3:00 PM-7:00 PM. Check-out time is 11:00 AM.
Head office business hours is between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. If you plan to arrive after 7:00 PM, you must contact us in advance with your estimated arrival time. If you check in after 7:00 PM without prior notice, you will be unable to complete check-in procedures until business hours begin the following day. Thank you for your understanding.
How can I check-out?
We have ‘Express check-out’ service if you do not have any additional charges. This is the system that you can simply leave your IC card on the table in your room. Please contact us further detail with this system. On the other hand, if you have additional charges, please do normal check-out.
Can you hold my luggage before check-in if I would like to go sightseeing?
Yes, we are happy to keep your luggage except for any valuables, fragile items and perishable foods before your check-in. Please feel free to contact us in advance.
Will you clean my room daily when I stay multiple nights?
Yes. If we do not have specific requests from you, we clean your room and replace linens between 11:00AM and 4:00PM. The fee is already included in your room rate. If you do not need cleaning or linen replacement, please do let us know when you check-in. However, please be noted that the room rate does not change even if you do not need them. Thank you for your understanding.
How and when will cancellation fees be incurred?
Once your booking is confirmed, the cancelation fee is charged if you cancel your booking. Please kindly check our cancelation policy on our website. We advise you to check our agreement and calculation policy carefully before you complete your booking. If you book it through other online booking website, you have to follow their own cancellation policy than ours. Please be noted that when you cancel or make some changes you will be charged extra fee after your credit card is already charged.
Does the rate change depending on the number of guests in my party?
Yes. When you complete your booking we will confirm the number of guests in your party, this is because we would like to prepare the right number of bedding.
Please note that you cannot use the room in excess of its maximum occupancy. If the number of guests is increased or decreased in y our party, you must let us know it in advance. We will correct the number of bedding before you arrive. (Please be noted that you must not exceed the stated maximum occupancy.)
Bed-making service
If your party is two guests, we will make the bed only in the master bedroom. Please be noted that if you would like to use Futon bedding in the Japanese-style rooms, you need to prepare it by yourself.
Where can we eat/get meals?
In Kyoto, there are great catering cultures and lots of good restaurants around town.
We strongly recommend trying them. We are happy to support your reservations, therefore, please feel free to contact us if you need our assistance.
Do you have coffee machiens in the room?
Yes. There is Nespresso coffee machines in your room. Coffee capsules are also available. Please enjoy your coffee.
Is there drinking water available?
Yes. Please feel free to drink mineral water in the refrigerator.
Do I have to bring my own pajamas?
We offer pajamas in M and L sizes. We apologize, but we do not offer pajamas for children. Size L is designed for men, and M for women. (Size L: length: 82cm; inseam: 83cm) (Size M: length: 78cm; inseam: 74cm)
Do the vacation house have parking lots?
No. We do not have own parking for our guests. However, we will introduce the coin-operated parking nearby our vacation house. We apologies for the inconvenience.