Campton is the cozy accommodation which makes you feel like living in Kyoto.

Campton is located in 2 areas, one of them is in ‘Kiyomizu’ and another is‘Nishijin’
The first one is a maisonette-type vacation house (7 rooms) located in the elegant back alley of Kyoto, 10 min walk from Kiyomizu temple which is one of the symbols in Kyoto.
The second one is the vacation house (2 rooms) renovated from Japanese traditional house‘Machiya (town houses)’in Nishijin area which is famous for traditional woven ‘Nishijin brocade’, 20 min taxi ride from Kyoto station.
As we would like you to value your private time, we here offer you the vacation style house.
The rooms are equipped with full kitchen facility, therefore, you can cook in there.
Many guests stay here for many nights as they feel like they are living in Kyoto.
Please visit us if you wish to relax and have quality time here in Kyoto.


In Campton
Kiyomizu, there are 7 different maisonette type rooms.
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ITSUTSUJI is renovated from Machiya (Japanese traditional houses). The rooms offer you . In the rooms, you will find many of Japanese tradition in the details as well as beautiful Japanese style of courtyard. You can be relaxing just being in there.

Max.:5 guests Beds:semi-double:2,futons:3


ARIMA is also renovated from Machiya (Japanese traditional houses) but keeping the good part alive, which offers you real Japanese tradition. Up to 9 guests can stay together, therefore, even 2 families staying in the same room can be kept each privacy even they stay in the same room.

Max.:9 guests Beds:king:1,semi-double:2,futons:5


368-1 Yasakakamimachi Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto,Japan,605-0827
185-1 Arima-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto,Japan,602-8392
*2. 185 Arimacho Jofukuji Itsutsujisagaru Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,Japan,602-8392
185 Arima-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto
*2. 185-1 Arimacho Jofukuji Itsutsujisagaru Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,Japan,

We recommend traveling by taxi from Kyoto Station.

Though some travelers choose to come by bus, note that buses can be very congested.

*If you are traveling to CAMPTON KIYOMIZU, please convey address 1. above to the taxi driver.

*CAMPTON KIYOMIZU is located on a narrow street (Yasaka-dori), so we also recommend disembarking your taxi at a nearby street if you find it difficult to get close to the destination.

*If you are traveling to CAMPTON Nishijin, please convey address 2. above to the taxi driver.