Kyo-Machiya (townhouses) with an ambience of Kyoto granting a pleasant stay

Our houses/inns of Campton are located in 2 areas. One near Kiyomizu temple named “Kiyomizu”, another closely located to one of the five hanamachi (traditional geisha districts), Miyagawa town named “Higashiyama".

Neither a hotel nor a ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn), we have arranged a vacation rental house where you get to spend a private and pleasant time.
Since it’s possible to cook at the cottages, they are “townhouses where you can stay as if you live there”, thus, we recommend these houses to whomever would like to spend a relaxing and peaceful time in Kyoto

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Campton Kiyomizu was introduced in Tabi Shiki, “Everyone’s Travel Plan”.


Our company’s representative, Ono, appeared on KBS radio’s “This is Hirataya: a winter travel guide that won’t let you down”.


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We provide 7 different types of maisonette-type rooms at Campton Kiyomizu.

Higashiyama Roku CAMPTON

We renovated old Kyoto townhouses, so our guests can enjoy rooms where modern taste and traditional Japanese techniques collaborate.


Campton Kiyomizu
Zip code: 605-0826
368-1 Yasakakamimachi Higashiyamaku, Kyotoshi, Kyotofu 605-0827 Japan
⓪ Go up the street to the right of the main gate of Yasaka Pagoda and walk about 70 meters, and you will find the townhouse on your right (you will see a yellow curtain at the entrance).
Campton Higashiyama Roku
Zip code: 605-0831
285-4 Yamashirocho Higashiyamaku, Kyotoshi, Kyotofu 605-0831 Japan
※② To the intersection of Daikokucho-dori and Kakimachi-dori.

If you are coming from Kyoto Station, we recommend taking a taxi.

For Campton Kiyomizu, please show the taxi driver the sentence below.

For Campton Higashiyama Roku, please show the taxi driver the sentence below.