CAMPTONをMichael Lambeさんのブログ「Deep Kyoto」で紹介して頂きました!! | ケンプトン 京都が息づく宿 -Campton Traditional Townhouse MACHIYA in Kyoto-
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CAMPTONをMichael Lambeさんのブログ「Deep Kyoto」で紹介して頂きました!!

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9月20日に、京都を紹介するブログ「Deep Kyoto」を運営しているフリーライターのMichael Lambeさんが、とても丁寧に、魅力ある形でCAMPTONのお宿のコンセプト等について紹介してくださいました。きっかけは、CAMPTONでインターンシップのJanic KuhnerがLambeさんとCAMPTONの営みを通じて京町家のあれこれをお話しさせて頂いたことからでした。

Campton Luxury Lodges: The Future of Kyomachiya

CAMPTON has been introduced by Mr. Michael Lambe’s Blog “Deep Kyoto”!!
On the 20th of September, sincerely, Mr. Michael Lambes who is a freelance writer, editor, and translator based on Kyoto has introduced about CAMPTON on his blog. This opportunity has come and related to the work done by Janic Kuehner who has been an intern at CAMPTON. In his blog, as Mr. Lambe is a big fan of Kyoto’s Machiya, he particularly wrote about the concepts and features very activly and attractively.
Due to his gentle spirit about Kyoto, we are glad to work here, Kyoto. Each one of us was also a stranger of Kyoto as him so it was a precious to share the feeling with him.
We would like to have a coment from him if he can stay in one of Campton’s accomodation. Thanks to his message, we will keep being a power for people and giving a voice about Kyoto.
The article written by Mr. Michael Lambe in the website”Deep Kyoto” is below.


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