FAQ English | ケンプトン 京都が息づく宿 -Campton Traditional Townhouse MACHIYA in Kyoto-



Q.How does CAMPTON run its hotels?

 A.We rent out Kyoto townhouses, remodeled to improve the quality of your stay, to one group per day. Have a special stay in the comfort of privacy.

Q.How do I check-in?

 A.Follow these instructions to check-in.
1.Choose either the hotel you are staying at or CAMPTON Head Office as your check-in location, and speak with the hotel staff there to check-in.
2.Please contact the hotel staff at your check-in location to inform them of your arrival time 30–60 minutes before you arrive.
[The hotel staff will relocate to the designated location for check-in according to the arrival time that you specify. Please contact us with this information, especially if you have chosen to check-in at the hotel itself so that we do not leave you waiting.]
Contact(CAMPTON Head Office):TEL:075-533-7211/E-mail:info@campton.jp
3.CAMPTON’s staff will check you in and give you your room key.
[For check-in, the hotel staff will confirm your credit card information. This is only for the security deposit, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.]

Please refer to the following information when checking in at CAMPTON Head Office.

The Kodai-ji Head Office is located at 512 Washio-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.
(In some situations, only customers who have paid in advance can check-in directly at the hotel, so please confirm with us in advance by replying to the e-mail sent to you after the reservation is made.)
*When arriving by public transportation
11-minute walk from the Gion-Shijō Station on the Keihan Main Line
14-minute walk from the Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line

[If you require further directions, including directions by car, contact us at 075-533-7211]

2. An explanation regarding our accommodation facilities will be provided at the Kodai-ji Head Office.
3. Travel with our staff to the accommodation facility.
Check-in at the accommodation facility, and receive explanation regarding it.

Q.When can I check-in or check-out?

 A.Check-in is available from 3PM – 7PM. Check-out is available after 11AM.
[The Head Office’s business hours are 10AM–7PM. If you are arriving past 7PM, please notify us of your arrival time in advance. If you do not contact us, you will be unable to check-in until business hours begin on the following day. Thank you for understanding.]

Q.How do I check-out?

 A.If you do not have any additional fees to pay, you can use our Express Check-out by leave the IC keycard inside of the room (e.g. on the table) and simply leaving the building. Refer to the hotel staff for more details.

Q.Before checking in, I would like to go sightseeing around the Head Office at Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera, and Kodai-ji. Can I leave my luggage with the hotel?

 A.We will safeguard your luggage, excluding valuables, fragile luggage, or raw foods. Please ask the hotel staff.

Q.I want to stay for multiple days. Will you clean my room?

 A.Yes. When you are staying for multiple days, the hotel staff will visit your room between 11AM and 4PM to clean it and replace linens, unless you request otherwise. The cleaning fee is included in the accommodation fee.
If you do not want your room to cleaned, please notify us when checking in. Please be aware that the accommodation fee will stay the same regardless of whether or not you accept the cleaning service.

Q.How does the cancellation fee work?

 A.When canceling your reservation, you must pay a cancellation fee set by us. For further information, refer to the cancellation policy pageon our website.Please read our hotel’srules of usageandcancellation policy pagebefore making your reservation.
Cancel of reservation made through Travel Reservation website on Internet apply cancel policy of those Travel Reservation website preferentially.
Please be aware that there will be a handling charge when canceling or altering your reservation when you have paid by credit card.

Q.Does the accommodation fee change depending on how many people are staying?

 A.Yes. We will confirm the number of people staying upon reservation, and prepare bedding and other accessories for each person.
Please be aware that you cannot exceed the capacity (maximum number of guests) set for the townhouses.
Please contact the Head Office in advance when increasing or lowering the number of people staying with you. We will prepare bedding and other accessories to match the new number.
(We will not provide service to groups exceeding the set capacity.)

Q.About bed making

 A.If you are staying in the townhouse with two people, we will only make the bed in the master bedroom.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please set out and put away the futon beds when using the Japanese-style room.

Q.Where can we go to eat?

 A.Kyoto is known for its food delivery services and vast number of delicious restaurants.
We ask that you refer to them for your meals. If you require help ordering or making reservations, please ask the hotel staff.

Q.Is there a coffee maker available?

 A.Townhouses have a Nespresso Coffee machine. They are also stocked with coffee capsules, so feel free to use them as you please.

Q.Is there drinking water available?

 A.Feel free to use the mineral water inside of the refrigerator as you please.

Q.Do I need to bring my own pajamas?

 A.We have M and L sized pajamas. We do not have pajamas for children.
The men’s pajamas come in the L size, and the women’s pajamas come in the M size.
(L size length: 82 cm, Inseam: 83 cm)
(M size length: 78 cm, Inseam: 74 cm)

Q.Are accommodations or parking available at the Kodai-ji Head Office?

 A.Unfortunately, we cannot provide parking to you. We will introduce you to nearby coin-operated parking spaces.

Q.Is there TV?

 A.Only the CAMPTON KIYOMIZU led by Pressance comes furnished with a TV. This is part of CAMPTON’s desire to provide you with a unique stay in Kyoto that differs from your normal life.