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Published on “Why Kyoto?”

CAMPTON has been introduced on “Why Kyoto?” which is published in English by Leaf Co..
Mr. Ono who is our President talked about his thoughts toward Machiya on the interview in CAMPTON 10 Nishijin -Arima-.

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The cherry blossoms in Kyoto has opened… Please enjoy!!


You can make reservation of CAMPTON accommodation at HERE.

We look forward to meeting you…


Why Kyoto? に掲載して頂きました!

Leafさんが発行している京都の海外旅行者向け情報誌「Why Kyoto?」でCAMPTONをご紹介いただきました。

代表の小野がCAMPTON 10西陣―有馬―でインタビューを受け、京町屋に対する思いを語っています。

Web Magagineでもご覧いただけますので下記からご覧ください。


今週からCAMPTON 3 御所南-ほてい-、CAMPTON 4 御所南-えびす-もオープンしていますので、是非京都の桜をお楽しみください。



スタッフ一同 皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。


New accommodation CAMPTON 3 and 4 “Gosho-Minami” NOW OPENED !!

New accommodation CAMPTON 3 and 4 “Gosho-Minami” NOW OPENED !!

New two accommodation CAMPTON 3 Gosho-Minami “Hotei” and CAMPTON 4 Gosho-Minami “Ebisu” has been JUST OPENED!!
CAMPTON 3 and CAMPTON 4 are consecutive building and are located near the cherry blossom viewing spot “Imperial Palace” Kyoto (just 7 minutes walk), “Nijo-jo castle” (18 minutes walk) and “Heian Shrine” (20 minutes walk). This area (Ebisugawa-Street) is called “Furniture Street” and lots of visitors enjoy to see the antique Japanese furniture. Also there is a lot of restaurants around here…
The featuring of both accommodation are as follows,
【CAMPTON 3 Gosho-Minami “Hotei”】
This accommodation has two bedrooms with 2 beds each and the space of laying of three duvets (Futons) in these bedrooms. CAMPTON 3 is bigger accommodation of which the maximum occupation is 8 persons.
【CAMPTON 4 Gosho-Minami “Ebisu”】
This accommodation has the bedrooms with 1 double beds and the Japanese “Tatami” room where can lay of four duvets (Futons). CAMPTON 4 is standard type of accommodation of which the maximum occupation is 5 persons.

Both buildings were built in Meiji-Era (1880s to 1890s) and well renovated with brand-new woody bath tub and furniture.

Regarding to booking of your stay at CAMPTON 3 and CAMPTON 4, please feel free to contact with reservation team at +81-(0)75-533-7211 or directly.
We look forward to serving your stay in Kyoto….

京都御所の南側 通称「御所南」と呼ばれる一角、夷川通りと麩屋町通りの交差点近くにある京町屋、当社の新しい宿泊施設「CAMPTON 3-御所南(ほてい)-」と「CAMPTON 4-御所南(えびす)-」が旅館業の許認可をいただき本日オープンいたしました。

【CAMPTON 3 -ほてい-】は、2階に和洋室2室を設えた最大8名様まで宿泊可能な大型宿泊施設。
【CAMPTON 4 -えびす-】は、CAMPTON3のお隣にあり、2階に8畳の和室と、ダブルベッドを設えた洋室の2寝室を備えた最大5名様まで宿泊可能な宿泊施設。

CAMPTON 3/4御所南のご予約は、お電話【075-533-7211】かメール【】でご確認ください。


Cherry Blossom Season will be coming soon !!.

Cherry Blossom Season will be coming soon !!.

In this morning, the broadcasting station had announced the cherry blossom expected forecast.
Forecast of blooming : Mar.30. 2017
Forecast of full blooming : Apr.6.2017
Therefore the coming Apr. 8 (Sat) and 9 (Sun) will be busiest in Kyoto by the cherry blossom viewer.
Just in case, we inform the nearest place from each our accommodations where you can enjoy the cherry blossom as follows,
CAMPTON 1・CAMPTON 2 / Higashi-Honganji-Temple・Sho-Sei-En
CAMPTON 3・CAMPTON 4(Gosho-Minami)/Imperial Palace・Nijo-jo Castle・Heian Shrine
CAMPTON 9・CAMPTON 10(Nishijin)/Hirano Shrine・Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine
Especially our staff recommends to visit Hirano Shrine if you enjoy to see the cherry blossom, because you can enjoy not only viewing the cherry blossoms but also lots of type of cherry blossoms.

You can make reservation of CAMPTON accommodation at HERE.
We look forward to meeting you…

CAMPTON 1(艮)・CAMPTON 2(西洞院): 東本願寺・渉成園
CAMPTON 3・CAMPTON 4(御所南): 京都御所・二条城・平安神宮
CAMPTON 9・CAMPTON 10(西陣): 平野神社・北野天満宮
CAMPTON Head Officeのある東山周辺にも高台寺や知恩院、清水寺といった桜の名所がありますので、早めのチェックインを済ませて桜散策して頂いているお時間にスタッフがお荷物をお宿のほうにお運びいたしますのでお気軽にお申し付けください。


スタッフ一同 皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。

“Higasiyama-Hanatouro” has been started !!

“Higasiyama-Hanatouro” has been started !!

Welcome, time the lightning fascinates us again this year! Because it has been held since March 3rd, the fifteenth festival can let our memory special for sure. Please do not miss to be there in the evening too.

We – CAMPTON are now getting excited to see the front street of our office decorated beautifully in this time. Visiting “Maruyama park” may be the chance for you to know this event’s root…means each single piece has a different story.

“Higashiyama-Hanatouro” is being available for you until March 12th. During this season children living in local area performance and sing with songs related to Kyoto’s traditional culture. They show us the performance from 18:00 everyday. We hope you enjoy and discover the ‘enthusiastic’ in Kyoto!!!

Your reservation is available HERE.
We look forward to serve you in KYOTO.


「ねねの道」沿いにあるCAMPTONのHead Officeの前もきれいにデコレーションされて、スタッフもいつもと違う雰囲気を楽しんでいます。



GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto has been held at CAMPTON Head Office

GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto has been held at CAMPTON Head Office

In the Head Office, CAMPTON joined the program, as a supporter, called “Genius Table In Kyoto” organized by students from Kyoto university on Feb 26th. The session was forth time at CAMPTON and two of our members participated in it. Mr. Samuel Andre who is a sound artist ,from France spoke to us and the session had started.

The thing is, “compound” which is “how he combines each tone” according to him. His music is way different from our imagination about music. Gathering and mixing from various sound in daily life, he constructs one music. He kindly brought his original speaker which could be sounded through vibration. He gave us an exciting lunch time.

Due to Mr. Samuel’s gentle and humor character, participants got smiled and discussed friendly.

Reservation is available HERE.

We look forward to serving your stay in Kyoto.

高台寺ヘッドオフィスGENIUS TABLE in Kyotoが開催されました!

CAMPTONがサポーターとして参加し、京都大学の学生が主催しているGenius Table In Kyotoが2月26日にCAMPTONのHead Officeにて開催されました。CAMPTONで4回目の開催となる今回は、フランス出身のサウンドアーティスト Samuel Andre先生をゲストに迎え、CAMPTONからも2名のスタッフが参加しました。

Samuel先生のサウンドアートのポイントは「音源の複合」。所謂我々の考える音楽とは異なり、日常生活の音源を複合させることによって生まれる「音の集合体」によるアート。先生持参の特殊なスピーカーでそのアートを聞きながら楽しいLunch Discussionが行われました。