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Campton 9 Nishijin Itsutsuji

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185 Arima-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

Nearest station

15minutes walk from “Imadegawa” station of Kyoto City Subway(1.5km)
11minutes by bus from “Karasuma-Imadegawa” bus stop of Kyoto City Bus

Information of Campton 9 Nishijin Itsutsuji

185 Arima-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto
【185 Arima-cho itutuji sagaru Jyofukuji-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto】
Number of rooms
2 Bed/1Bath
2 single size bed in main bedroom
1 Japanese style room (for 3 futons)
Maximum Occupancy
5 persons
Occupancy based pricing, please check it at your reservation
Size of Townhouse
Nearest station
15minutes walk from “Imadegawa” station of Kyoto City Subway(1.5km)
11minutes by bus from “Karasuma-Imadegawa” bus stop of Kyoto City Bus
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash gel, bath towel, face towel, tooth brash, pajama, hair dryer, slipper, safety deposit box, washing machine, fridge, Nespresso, kettle, tea cup, plate,Chopsticks, fork, spoon, bottle opener, wine opener, etc.
License number of Inns and Hotels Act
#920 Kyoto November 24th, 2016


Photo Gallery

Living and Japanese style room

In the living room and Japanese style room with an airily, and also floor of “kotatsu”, floor heating has been installed, you do not need to worry about the common “cold” in the townhouse.


In Campton9, there is 1 bedroom with twin beds.

Bed linens

Bed linens are supplied from “FIBER ART STUDIO ”. It will promise you a comfortable sleep.


Pajamas are also supplied from “FIBER ART STUDIO ”.


Towels are supplied from “IKEUCHI ORGANIC”, made in Imabari in Ehime prefecture where is famous for towel manufacturing city in Japan and made by ORGANIC material. Bath towels are quite large and hand towels are useful in size.

Tuboniwa, court yard in the middle of townhouse

One of the characteristic of Machiya “Tsuboniwa” is placed in the middle of the townhouse with lit up


Enjoy your bath time while watching the “Tsuboniwa” court yard garden. Bathtub is made by Japanese Umbrella Pine. Pail and bath chair are made by Japanese Umbrella Pine as well.

Lever of bathtub

Water tap to adjust quantity of water is easy to use with one touch

Panel of bath device

Easy to control water temperatures as you like and to reheat the water of bath


We prepare for Skin and Hair care from “Kyoto chidoriya”, which are provided in exclusive accommodation in Kyoto. They are utilized Organic material and gentle on your skin.


Convenient Kitchenette with Fridge, Micro wave and Espresso machine for guest. There are also wine glasses and Tea cups.


Noren, a curtain in entrance, which is written by calligrapher Ms. Hina Takagi.