About Campton

You may not be satisfied with visiting Kyoto just once or twice because Kyoto has history of more than 1200 years.
So now we offer you the Hands-on Journey of Kyoto, experience by using entire building of MACHIYA.

No staffs assigned in each MACHIYA and we basically do not offer meals, because we would like you to enjoy quiet and relaxing stay without a temporal restriction.
We are sure that Kyoto is one of the most attractive city not only in Japan but also all over the world. You can find out a lot of famous historical shrines and temples, enjoy the sophisticated and exclusive meals such as Kyoto Cuisine called “Kyo-Ryori”, and experience of traditional crafts for souvenirs.

Once you come back to your MACHIYA, it welcomes you with relaxing Japanese atmosphere.
We use exclusive wood such as natural reeds for traditional style of ceiling and 100 year-old re-used wood from temples for pillars to express modern and elegant atmosphere.
And then there is a large bath made by Japanese Podocarp. You can enjoy traditional small garden in the middle of the house, having a great bath time
In addition, we utilize a pottery, called “Shigaraki-Yaki”, as the washbowl, a leading traditional pottery, and luxury towels are made in Imabari where is the most well-known and high quality towel production area.
We select carefully and prepare the outstanding goods for interior decoration and equipment for your luxury.

To offer the best relaxing time for our guest coming from all over the world, we obtained the certification of local halal for Muslim travelers.

We also would like to express the beauty of calligraphy which is very popular in overseas as Japanese traditional font design. We put a goodwill, called Noren in Japanese such as a shop curtain, in entrance of each MACHIYA designed by calligraphy.
They are all written by Ms. Hina Takagi who is one of the prominent female calligrapher