Amazing calligraphy works that exhibits at the CAMPTON : Part 2

CAMTON has exhibited a lot of amazing calligraphy works in our Head Office. All of the properties is belonging to Mr. Shiro Aoyagi who is the very famous calligrapher in Japan and is one of the Board Member of Mainichi Shodo-ten. We borrowed and exhibited them in kindness of Mr. Aoyagi. Some of those are the calligraphies which was written by himself and the others are his favorite collections. We would like to introduce them several times.



General meaning: “Under the one thousand years old Pine tree, the Crane will dance. The Turtle plays in the million-year pond.”

This particular calligraphy has a deep idea of history and entertainment.
The first word of this calligraphy means “Tsuru” (Crane). In Japan, Crane is a symbol of peace and hope. Hopefully, you would notice why people make the paper crane. And the word at the very bottom of the right side means “Kame” (Turtle) in Japanese. In Japan turtle is very well known for being one of the four celestial guardians. It also portrayed as a long living species.
Crane is dancing under the one thousand years old pine tree. This is telling that the Crane is spending lovely time under the historical pine tree. Turtle plays in the million years old pond. This means that the Turtle is interacting with Nature. This calligraphy by Mr. Aoyagi has a deep meaning of Japanese historical animals interacting with the historical Nature, which creates the peaceful atmosphere, harmonious, and the spirit of history.

Visual Analysis:
In calligraphy, to some extent you need to have some sort of imagination to imagine the situation. But this particular calligraphy is different. You can actually imagine the nature and the species moving.

What makes this calligraphy more interesting is that this calligraphy is exhibited at the CAMPTON. The CAMPTON’s has a beautiful green garden with some Japanese trees. This calligraphy matches with the entire concept of the CAMPTON’s garden and makes me feel like an actual Turtle or the Crane having a peaceful moment.

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<鶴舞千年松亀遊萬歳池> 読み方は「鶴は千年の松に舞い、亀は萬歳の池に遊ぶ」