GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto has held at CAMPTON Inc.

On July 2nd. 2016, the Second meeting in 2016 of “GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto” which is managed/operated by Kyoto University has been held at CAMPTON.


Four person of participants constituted with students of Kyoto Univ. and they invite Mr. Craig Martin Gibbs (they called “GENIOUS”) at this session, who is one of the teacher in Kyoto University, teaches Philosophy of language and Rhetoric of English of the 16 century and lives in Kyoto since 1993, according to one of the students. They have enjoyed the conversation, communication and building their relationship each other while having the lunch.
According to previous guy, the students have been inspired to hear some stories of GENIOUS.
We look forward to see them and to be held this kind of meeting at CAMPTON again in the near future.



2016年度第2回GENIUS TABLE in KyotoがCAMPTON本社で開催されました。

CAMPTONがサポーターとして参加させていただいている、京都大学の学生さんたちが運営するGENIUS TABLE in Kyoto 2016年度第2回目の会合が、ここCAMPTONの広間で開催されました。