Amazing calligraphy works that exhibits at the CAMPTON : Part 1

CAMTON has exhibited a lot of amazing calligraphy works in our Head Office. All of the properties is belonging to Mr. Shiro Aoyagi who is the very famous calligrapher in Japan and is one of the Board Member of Mainichi Shodo-ten. We borrowed and exhibited them in kindness of Mr. Aoyagi. Some of those are the calligraphies which was written by himself and the others are his favorite collections. We would like to introduce them several times.

The first work is “萬巻成山” which is one of the calligraphy written be Mr. Aoyagi.


There are many ways of interpreting calligraphy. I have analyzed this work in terms of context.
<萬巻成山> (Ban-Kan-Sei-Zan)
This calligraphy has a special meaning of ‘Effort for success’. The main idea of this calligraphy is that ‘the more you work, the more you will success. General analysis; 万巻in Japanese it means thousands and millions of books. 山 means mountain in Japanese. Calligrapher used a metaphor of mountain to state the relationships of a number of studies and the success. Basically, calligrapher used the mountain as a metaphor to describe the success you will have after studying thousands of millions of books.

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<萬巻成山> 読み方は「ばんかんせいざん」