Japanese folding screen have been put in Campton2 Nishi-no-Toin


Remember this calligraphy? This calligraphy work was made by Ms. Hina Takagi. She is a famous Female Calligrapher, and made this calligraphy during Reception Party of CAMPTON held in this February.

After Ms. Hina Takagi making this calligraphy, we asked a certain designer to frame it with Japanese traditional gilded folding screen.

Calligraphy that Ms. Takagi has made has a significant meaning of life.「発祥致福」has a meaning of ‘Issuing a happiness from here and delivering the good fortune to everyone’. It is possible to sense that each stroke, that she has written, has a dynamism and powerfulness. You can actually feel the energy coming out from the calligraphy.

Now, the masterpiece with this traditional gilded folding screen calligraphy is now placed in the CAMPTON 2.

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CAMPTON 2に書家の高木雛先生作の屏風が飾られました。


みなさんこの写真を見て思い出していただけますか? 今年2月に執り行われたCAMPTON Reception Partyで女流書家の高木雛先生に書いていただいた「発祥致福」の書です。

この「発祥致福」はCAMPTON 2 (西洞院)に飾らせていただいています。