Jazz live was held by former GEISHA!

Jazz Live

On April 29th,
While we have already informed on our past blog, Jazz live has held at CAMPTON.

Which is hosted by Ms. Makoto as Vocal, Mr. Satoshi Aikawa as acoustic guitar and Ms. Michiko Yamada as bamboo flute (Shino-Bue).

It seemed to be like these two different cultural instruments have a mismatching.

However, the Japanese traditional townhouse of CAMPTON and the Western instruments created an interesting contrast,
created an atmosphere which it was impossible to be described by the words.

Looking forward seeing the amazing artists come back to CAMPTON to have another session.
Highly recommending others to come to experience the session.

Thank you, Ms. Makoto, Mr. Satoshi, and Ms. Michiko for joining us.
We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful harmony that you have delivered to us.
すでにBlogでお知らせしていた、祇園の元芸妓さん「真箏さん」によるJazz LiveがここCAMPTONで開催されました。
Jazz Entrance