CAMPTON has provided sponsorship to Kyoto University

On March, 2016, CAMPTON has registered as one of the sponsor to provide the place in order to be held “GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto” which is run and operated by some students of Kyoto University.

As you may know, Kyoto has been celebrated as a city that readers vote of Travel and Leisure which is one of the famous travel magazine in US has selected as most popular city straight 2 years (2014 and 2015).
Kyoto has a lot of universities in the town not only with a long history.

At that time, some students have a simple question that,
During their student term, they may remorse to go hometown only to see the tourist destination without any relationship with people in Kyoto, and to return the foreigners without having any relationship with them who come here in Kyoto in order to participate Research and Society and have a lot of knowledge.
They would like to convey some historical information about Kyoto to them and to have some opportunities to learn knowledge from them.

We finally decided to become one of the supporter because of linking between their mind and our concept.
We hope that their mind might be fulfilled….

CAMPTONは京都大学「GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto」のスポンサーになりました!!
CAMPTONはこの度、京都大学の学生有志が運営している“GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto”の開催場所提供者としてスポンサー登録させていただきました。
京都は、アメリカの大手旅行雑誌「Travel + Leisure (Travel and Leisure)」の読者投票で2014年・2015年と2年連続旅行で行きたい人気の都市No.1に選ばれました。


・ 京都の人と関わらずに、観光地だけを見て帰るなんてもったいない。
・ Geniusな知見をもつ人たちを、京都からそのまま返すなんてもったいない。

という素朴な疑問をGENIUS TABLE in Kyotoに託し、京都への思いと、その文化を広く海外の留学生や研究者に知ってもらいたい、