Surroundings CAMPTON3&4 are filled with fantastic spots!! part②


Secondly, when you would like to buy some goods and cloths, you can walk on Shijo-Kawaramachi. It takes 15 minutes on foot. There are also restaurants and cafés so you can choose what to eat there.

Also, just beside to Shijo Street, you can discover “Nishiki-Ichiba”. On this street, you can walk and get variety of souvenirs such as Japanese traditional sweets and bags etc. There is also “Nishiki-tenmangu” which worships academic luck, same as “Kitano-tenmangu”. Visiting this spot, you can see its gate on the way to go there from Shinkyogoku(shopping street). The point is that its gate is actually pass through building on both sides. Would you like to discover it?

In addition, if you have chance to stay at CAMPTON 1(Ushitora) or 2(Nishinotouin), we highly recommend you going to Umekojikouen(park) so that you can see lots of Japanese plum trees. There are 140 trees and they have been blooming gorgeously This is one of the most famous parks for UME (Japanese apricot) in Kyoto. It only takes 20 minutes-walk there. This event is opening until 4th of March so how about going there for walk and have a look?


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