Are you ready? Higashiyama Hanatouro coming this year too!!


Coming this year as well! From 9th of March to 18th of March “Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2018” will be opening during 18:00-21:30. About 2500 LED lights are used for this and each single street and building shine beautifully.

While this event is being held, each Japanese traditional building keeps lightning at night so it is going to be lively and vital around here. It looks very different drom how it looks in the afternoon.

At the same time, you can also see the lightning at “Shoren-in”, “Chion-in”, “Yasaka shrine”, “Entoku-in”, “Kodaiji”, “Hokanji” and “Kiyomizudera temple”.

Moreover, you can walk there and see Hanatouro from CAMPTON 3 or 4. It takes 30 minutes. If you take buses, it takes only 5 minutes. Please visit to Gion and enjoy Hanatouro!!


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We are always looking forward to welcome you. . .




また1日に2度通る「狐の嫁入り」の中間地点がねねの道であり、CAMPTON Head Officeのすぐ横を通るのです。幻想的な景色がみられるこの機会に、ぜひ見に来られてはいかがでしょう!いつもは静かな高台寺周辺も、この時期一気に賑わいます。


そして、この花灯路が行われる東山まで、CAMPTON3・4地点から徒歩30分以内で行けてしまうのです。この時期を狙って来られるお客さんも・・・ バスを使うとさらに5分で行くことが可能です。



スタッフ一同 皆様のお越しを心からお待ちしています。