Relux has introduced CAMPTON as a place for Girls’ gathering


On the 22nd of September, CAMPTON has been introduced on the website”Relux Magazine” as one of the places for girls’ gathering. On the website, our feature such as catering service(breakfast), furnitures and another amenity(ex. organic cosmetics) were introduced.

In Kyoto, there are many shops to sell Japanese traditional items so we recommend women looking around those in some ways!!  After going for walk, would you like to spend girls’ party such like “Pajama Party” in Machiya?

They particularly introduced about CAMPTON 10 located in historical Nishijin area, but we also have the other accommodations, optionally. If you are interested in, please let us attract your girls’ time, reunion or other parties more wonderful!

Around the accommodation, there are variety of shops for antique, cosmetics, furnishings and so on. On the way to go for lunch or anytime, you might discover something that can be “the Only One” for you…


The article in the website is below.


You can make a reservation for your CAMPTON accommodation HERE.
We are looking forward to welcome you. . .




9月22日Relux Magazineで、CAMPTONを女子会の宿泊場所として紹介して頂きました。おもにCAMPTON 10有馬のご紹介ですが、特に西陣のあたりは、周辺に、コスメや化粧筆の専門店、家具屋さん、他にも着物や骨董品のお店など様々なジャンルのお店があり、ゆっくりとお店を回るのが好きな女性にオススメです! 散歩のあとはゆったりとした「パジャマパーティ」をお楽しみください。CAMPTONでは豪華さよりも居心地の良さにこだわったお寛ぎの場所をご用意致します。


スタッフ一同 皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。