Groundbreaking Ceremony for New construction “(Temporary Name)CAMPTON KIYOMIZU led by Pressance” has been held at Yasaka Shrine !!


On August 23rd. 2017, CAMPTON has participated Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new construction “(temporary named) CAMPTON KIYOMIZU led by Presssance” to be held at Yasaka Shrine with our business partner “Pressance Corporation” and construction company. And also we prayed the safety of the construction work.

As you may know, Kanmu-Tenno who was Emperor of Heian Era has prayed peace and security of the capital city at Yasaka Shrine as well, when he established the capital city here in Kyoto in the 790s. Therefore we prayed with awesome serious feeling.

This construction will be completed by next summer and will be opened as accommodation operated by CAMPTON. We will report the circumstances of the construction time to time from now on.


You can reserve existing six (6) accommodation at HERE.



(仮称)CAMPTON清水 led by Pressance安全祈願祭が執り行われました!


時の天皇「桓武天皇」が藤原の都から、ここ京都に都を移転しようとした1,200年以上昔、古(いにしえ)の都【平安京】を創建する際に、都の平安のために訪れ、祈りをささげた神社のひとつ「八坂神社」で、本日厳かな中にも落ち着いた雰囲気の中、弊社の事業パートナーである株式会社プレサンスコーポレーション主催による「CAMPTON清水 led by Pressance」新築工事の安全祈願祭が執り行われました。




CAMPTONとしては、初めて新築の建物での運用となります。 しかし、建設地が伝統的建造物群保存地区内であるため、京都市の景観政策課の担当者の方々との協議を経た木造2階建ての建物を7棟建てます。歴史ある建物の運用のみならず、今回は京の町並みを保全する立場からの事業化に挑戦します。