“2017 GOZAN OKURIBI” is upcoming on 16th in August!!!


Have you ever been to “Gion Festival” or “Jidai Festival” before??

Kyoto is very famous for this and many tourists come and watch every year. At 20:00, people will be excitedly screaming!!!! In this festival, you can see the illuminated mountain with 5 various shape of fire. The well known signal is “大-Dai-”(means big).

This event comes from “O-bon” which is the period for welcoming ancestors. Japanese people usually spend this time in different days due to each region. Kyoto is located in Kansai and this area’s schedule s from 13rd to 16th, August. “Okuribi” should be the last day of “O-bon” and people see ancestors off. This illumination will be showing for about 1 hour.

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いざ京都へ!!【2017 五山送り火 8月16日】開催されます!