Time when SAKURA has been decorating our Kyoto!!

Finally, beautiful Sakura has bloomed all around here. There are many different types of them so that people can enjoy watching various color depends on places and flower  you watch.


(photos in the Head Office)


(a photo around Kodaiji)

(Maruyama park near Yasaka shrine)


If you just walk, lightning lets them shiny. It is so beautiful.

Moreover, you can enjoy watching their color change. Someiyoshino is a Japanese popular Sakura and it is coloured pink at the beginning then changes near white when being full.


🌸types<three popular one>🌸


Shidare sakura

Yae sakura     etc…


🌸Place<There is more!!>🌸

Kamigamo shrine

Hirano shrine

Kyoto Goen

Nijo castle

Heian shrine

Arashiyama    etc…


Apparently, Sakura blooms until the middle of April. Please go and get the gift of special photos!! In April many people get tired due to the new environment. SAKURA can heal you from it.



CAMPTONのHead Office内の桜も見頃を迎えました。