The Prettiness is formed by “Yukiyanagi”

In earlier Spring, “Yukiyanagi” has been started blooming for you all! You can see them in the garden at Campton Head Office.

           (In the garden at Campton Head Office)


Although they bloom in the small or lower place, they can grow by themselves. Because Each small one gives us small happiness, the language of Yukiyanagi is “prettiness”.

At some places in Japan such as Ishikawa prefecture, they are in danger of dying out but you can often enjoy watching them in Kyoto.



Yukiyanagi can be loved very much although they are strong enough to live in the severe situation. We – Campton would also like to work like them in Kyoto!!


Would not you feel cuteness from them?

Please come and see them here.




この早春3月〜5月に咲く花「雪柳」が、ここCampton Head Officeの庭にも咲きました。