New accommodation CAMPTON 3 and 4 “Gosho-Minami” NOW OPENED !!

New two accommodation CAMPTON 3 Gosho-Minami “Hotei” and CAMPTON 4 Gosho-Minami “Ebisu” has been JUST OPENED!!
CAMPTON 3 and CAMPTON 4 are consecutive building and are located near the cherry blossom viewing spot “Imperial Palace” Kyoto (just 7 minutes walk), “Nijo-jo castle” (18 minutes walk) and “Heian Shrine” (20 minutes walk). This area (Ebisugawa-Street) is called “Furniture Street” and lots of visitors enjoy to see the antique Japanese furniture. Also there is a lot of restaurants around here…
The featuring of both accommodation are as follows,
【CAMPTON 3 Gosho-Minami “Hotei”】
This accommodation has two bedrooms with 2 beds each and the space of laying of three duvets (Futons) in these bedrooms. CAMPTON 3 is bigger accommodation of which the maximum occupation is 8 persons.
【CAMPTON 4 Gosho-Minami “Ebisu”】
This accommodation has the bedrooms with 1 double beds and the Japanese “Tatami” room where can lay of four duvets (Futons). CAMPTON 4 is standard type of accommodation of which the maximum occupation is 5 persons.

Both buildings were built in Meiji-Era (1880s to 1890s) and well renovated with brand-new woody bath tub and furniture.

Regarding to booking of your stay at CAMPTON 3 and CAMPTON 4, please feel free to contact with reservation team at +81-(0)75-533-7211 or directly.
We look forward to serving your stay in Kyoto….

京都御所の南側 通称「御所南」と呼ばれる一角、夷川通りと麩屋町通りの交差点近くにある京町屋、当社の新しい宿泊施設「CAMPTON 3-御所南(ほてい)-」と「CAMPTON 4-御所南(えびす)-」が旅館業の許認可をいただき本日オープンいたしました。

【CAMPTON 3 -ほてい-】は、2階に和洋室2室を設えた最大8名様まで宿泊可能な大型宿泊施設。
【CAMPTON 4 -えびす-】は、CAMPTON3のお隣にあり、2階に8畳の和室と、ダブルベッドを設えた洋室の2寝室を備えた最大5名様まで宿泊可能な宿泊施設。

CAMPTON 3/4御所南のご予約は、お電話【075-533-7211】かメール【】でご確認ください。