“Higasiyama-Hanatouro” has been started !!

Welcome, time the lightning fascinates us again this year! Because it has been held since March 3rd, the fifteenth festival can let our memory special for sure. Please do not miss to be there in the evening too.

We – CAMPTON are now getting excited to see the front street of our office decorated beautifully in this time. Visiting “Maruyama park” may be the chance for you to know this event’s root…means each single piece has a different story.

“Higashiyama-Hanatouro” is being available for you until March 12th. During this season children living in local area performance and sing with songs related to Kyoto’s traditional culture. They show us the performance from 18:00 everyday. We hope you enjoy and discover the ‘enthusiastic’ in Kyoto!!!

Your reservation is available HERE.
We look forward to serve you in KYOTO.


「ねねの道」沿いにあるCAMPTONのHead Officeの前もきれいにデコレーションされて、スタッフもいつもと違う雰囲気を楽しんでいます。