GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto has held at Bar Tantei

On February 12th 2017, CAMPTON’s staff has attended “GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto” which is managed/operated by Kyoto University has held at Bar Tantei.
They have invited professor Peter Linehan, who had taught at Kansai Gaidai University and Ritsumeikan University twenty years ago and came back to the America for activity of Refugee camp and taught immigrant students for this session’s “GENIUS”.
He came back to Japan and will work as a part-time professor at Osaka Jogakuin College in this spring.
This session’s theme was [A sense of relief/safety for home]. Professor Peter Linehan said that “Kotatsu” -small table with electric heater underneath- can be the item to make you feel more relief/safety. He said that kotatsu can make happy family gathering time by surrounding kotatsu.

He also mentioned about “Yakimono”- Japanese traditional pottery- cup is very interesting item and using “Yakimono” makes you feel the atmosphere of Kyoto or Traditional Japan because of “Yakimono” might not be familiar for foreigners who use glasses more often.
This is very helpful thought for us to welcome foreign guests.


CAMPTONがサポーターとして参加させていただいている、京都大学の学生が運営するGENIUS TABLE in Kyotoの2月12日開催の会合に弊社スタッフも参加させて頂きました。
20年前に関西外国語大学や立命館大学で教鞭をとられた後、アメリカで難民キャンプでの活動や移民学生の教育を経験なされたPeter Linehan さんをゲストにお迎えしました。先生は、2017年春より大阪女学院で非常勤講師として再び教鞭をとられる予定だそうです。