Light and Blossoms Pathway in Higashiyama

From Mar. 3rd 2017, there is the 15th time event of “Hanatourou” that is light and blossoms pathway in Higashiyama, Kyoto.
“Nene Road” where CAMPTON Head Office is located, and “Ninen Slope” and
”Sannei Slope” through “Kiyomizu temple” are lightened up with lantern softly.
For more information about “Hanatourou”, please click links below.

You can see and experience a fantastic cityscape that lightened up with lantern.
“Hanatourou” will be held until Mar. 12nd 2017.

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東山 花灯路
来る3月3日(金)から15回目を迎える東山花灯路が開催されます。CAMPTON Head Office のある東山の「ねねの道」や清水寺へと続く「二年坂」「産寧坂」、「八坂神社」が灯篭のやさしい光に浮かび上がります。


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