GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto has held at CAMPTON 10 Nishijin-Arima-

On Dec. 18th 2016, “GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto” which is managed/operated by
Kyoto University has been held at CAMPTON 10 Nishijin -Arima- which has just
opened for a while ago.
This session was held for the fourth time at CAMPTON.

Eight participants, consisted with the students of Kyoto Univ. and Doshisha Univ.
the graduates of both Univ. and Representative of CAMPTON, invite Mr. Iyas Salim
(they called “GENIOUS”) at this session, who was experienced Director of JICA’s local office in Palestine and currently teach Arabic as an associate professor at Doshisha University.
Mr. Iyas, who was born in Gaza District of Palestine, talked his tough life before starting his carrier in Japan, e.g. his experience of the life in the War Zone and the human-rights issue of Palestinian refugee.
The participants have listened his stories seriously and enjoyed the conversation, communication and building their relationship each other while having the lunch.

After Session, Participants looked at CAMPTON 10 which were built in 19 Century.
It seems they impressed to our motivation for the renovation of this heritage building, not only the technic of the renovation. Also, we are very pleased to hear that Mr. Iyas would like to invite his friends to this accommodation in the near future…..
We look forward to see them and to be held this kind of meeting at CAMPTON again in the near future.
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GENIUS TABLE in Kyoto開催 (CAMPTON 10西陣-有馬-)

CAMPTONがサポーターとして参加させていただいている、京都大学の学生が運営するGENIUS TABLE in Kyotoの会合が、先日オープンしたばかりのCAMPTON 10 西陣-有馬-で開催されました。CAMPTONの施設で開催されるのは今回が4回目になります。
今回のGENIOUSは、JICAのパレスチナ現地事務所長を経験され、現在同志社大学の准教授として教鞭をとられているIyas Salim先生でした。
会の終了後、出席者の皆さんでCAMPTON 10と、同じ敷地内に建つCAMPTON 9をご覧になり、我々の修復に対する技術のみならず、修復して町屋を残していく気持ちをご理解いただきました。特にIyas先生からは「今度友人を招待したい」とのお言葉を頂き非常に光栄でした。
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