Lighting up of Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama.

During Dec. 9th to Dec. 18th, 2016, there is an event of “Hanatourou” that is light and blossoms pathway in Arashiyama, Kyoto.
You can see and experience an fantastic cityscape with lightened up the bamboo forest, bridge, and some temples.

You can reach Arashiyama for approx. 30 mins. from our just opened brand-new 2 accommodations, 【CAMPTON 9 Nishijin -Itsustsuji-】 and 【CAMPTON 10 Nishijin -Arima-.】
For your reservation in 【CAMPTON 9 and CAMPTON 10】, please directly call our Head Office (+81-(0)75-533-7211) and confirm details.

Also for your Winter Vacation, you can make reservation of CAMPTON accommodation at HERE.
We look forward to meeting you…

嵐山 花灯路

嵐山へは新規オープンした【CAMPTON 9 -五辻-】【CAMPTON 10 -有馬-】から徒歩8分の京福電鉄「北野白梅町」駅から約30分程度とアクセスも良好です。
【CAMPTON 9 -五辻-】【CAMPTON 10 -有馬-】のお泊りは現在電話でのご予約のみ承ります。詳細は直接スタッフにお尋ねください。(CAMPTON Head Office : 075-533-7211)

スタッフ一同 皆様のお越しをお待ちしています。