Campton “NISHIJIN” will open soon!

Campton “NISHIJIN” will open the end of this month finally!
“NISHIJIN” can accommodate maximum number of people (at most 14 peoples, Arima: 9peoples, Itsutsuji: 5 peoples) in Campton. Matsumoto-folk-craft has been making the furniture with the heart and craftsmanship for “NISHIJIN”. We’re looking forward to seeing it is finished.

MIZUMEZAKURA-cherry blossoms (Betula) of the furniture’s material grow deep in the mountains and they are hard to obtain. But Campton “NISHIJIN” place them in the lap of luxury, because we want to provide special “Omotenashi” hospitality to our guests. Apparently the Imperial Family use them too ・・・.

Also the more this furniture keep being used, the more they add to the beauty of the material and craftsmanship. Please come to Campton “NISHIJIN” to be embraced by such nice furnitures.
The time when you spend Campton “NISHIJIN” will make you feel relax. The furniture will add more beauty to your relaxing time at “NISHIJIN” too.

Campton “NISHIJIN” will open soon! We hope you love it☆